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Lettuce Street School 
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School Opening

Lettuce Street School

Offers grades: kindergarten to grade 8


Monday: History (field trip: museum)

Tuesday: Sports (field trip: sports stadium)

Wednesday: Health Class (field trip: hospital tour)

Thursday: Spelling (field trip: library)

Friday: Art (field trip: art institute)

Our motto:

“We try to do our best all of the time.”


721 Lettuce Street, Guinea Pig City

There will be carrot cake and fruit punch at the grand opening party. There will also be live music and contests.

A Sample Page of Homework from Lettuce Street School:

Answer True or False:

1.       The Merino is a breed of guinea pig. T/F

2.       All Texel guinea pigs come from Texas. T/F

3.       Capybaras are related to guinea pigs. T/F

4.       Peruvian guinea pigs have long hair. T/F

5.       All guinea pig breeds have smooth hair. T/F

6.       There are 13 recognized guinea pig breeds. T/F

7.       Skinny Pigs are not real guinea pigs. T/F


1. True, but not yet a recognized one in the United States.
2. False.
3. True.
4. True.
5. False.
6. True.
7. False.


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