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Making the education of your child a positive experience.

Information about New Heights School

New Heights School is a new independent school founded on the belief that successful learning occurs when a child is encouraged and motivated and receiving an education that meets their specific learning styles and needs. The school does not place children in grades based on chronological age, but instead provides an education that suits the studentís particular needs based on ability. This style of teaching benefits all students as it meets the needs of students at various levels of ability so no student falls behind or becomes bored when the instruction is too easy or repetitive. It will provide a positive and dynamic learning environment where children are treated with respect, encouraged to take risks in their learning without fear of failure or ridicule by either teachers or students. As such, there will be a zero tolerance for negative behavior such as bullying, teasing, or threats of personal injury. All people will be respected for their unique strengths and interests, encouraged to nurture their body, mind and spirit, and know that a positive attitude is a key element for a positive and successful learning experience.

Children learn together, learn cooperation skills, allowing children to interact with different ages just as they would in a family setting, and in the community. Children are able to enhance skills by observing the learning of others, build on leadership skills by providing help when appropriate, and work in an environment that is more true to the real world than a setting that segregates based on chronological age.

The classroom setting is organized with the use of learning or activity centers. It has a large variety of learning materials in order to meet the needs of each student. There is time for individual work, group work, and one-on-one instruction. The emphasis is on providing a successful and positive learning experience for all students. The number of students in the school will remain small with a student to teacher ratio of 8 to 1 or less.

Positive family involvement in the education of a child is an important factor in optimal success for the individual. As such, parental involvement and input will be encouraged by the staff. A collaborative relationship between teachers, students and parents will help to ensure that the needs of each student will be met with care and insight into each individualís needs, strengths, and interests.

It is with great enthusiasm that I offer your family this educational experience. It is my belief as both a parent and a teacher that with the proper guidance and environment that it is possible to discover the unique strengths of each child, and ultimately nurture happy and successful learners who will meet the future with success and confidence.

Sheila Moeck, B.A.Hons, B.Ed., Primary/Junior Divisions

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