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Poems by Hayley 
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Poems by Hayley



 I look to the Eastern hills at sunset and see

 a gold Palomino prancing among the hills

Her hooves flung up and the breeze quickened

Her pure white mane as white as snow flew in the breeze

Her hooves came crashing down

I saw her golden coat sparkle like gold in the sun

Her sides looked like a Golden Eagles wings

She took of into a canter and seemed to disappear beyond the horizon





A young girl and her horse cantered in easy strides across the paddock

They were a perfect pair

The horses chestnut coat was clean you almost see your reflection in it

His hooves had a light frost on the front

In a light voice she said, “I feel like I’m on eagles wings”

The air turned nippy, her hair flung back with the horse’s mane

When the wind blew harshly she climbed of and whispered kindly

“You where wonderful and that’s enough for tonight”

She led him out of the paddock and into the barn





The white horse grazed contently

She looked like one of the snowflakes falling as her hoof pounded the ground

She went up on her back legs, her coat and mane shone like silver

She came crashing down like lightning

Her hooves hit the ground like thunder and she bolted across the field playfully and stopped

Her neck fell; she did not look like the feisty girl I saw before

In a second a gold horse came though the gate the gold horse bit her; but playfully

They cantered together like old friends 




I walk along the shore late into the night I look far into the distance and see a tall black horse cantering in a steady beat toward me like a golden eagle his black majestic coat shimmered like gold in the light of the moon his eyes looked wild but tame I looked into the wise face it told me he was wild spirited and kind he laid down and nudged his back as if asking me to get on I stepped closer and put my hand gently on his mane so soft my legs touched his sides and squeezed him gently he stood so proud and tall then he took of on a small steady canter I felt so free and confident a  three beat pace up and down I went so confidently  and then he stopped and let me off and stood still his flanks heaving  in and out nostrils flaring I  simply kissed his muzzle and he nicerd  back a smile crossed my face for a moment everything was still  and then he galloped away  a tear crossed my face as I whispered through the wind Good bye



 Sugary sugar foot my small Shetland a small soft nicer came from her stall I opened the stall and a small pony trotted out beside me and nudged my leg I kissed her muzzle in return then I took her to the arena and gave her a sugar cube to ready her as she cantered around me so gracefully moments later she trotted to my shoulder her soft simple breath seemed to touch my heart




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