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Poems by Emma 
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Poems by Emma


A Rhyme- a- Riddle-a- Chime- a- Fiddle


The greenness of a lime

The humming in the air

A tree

A bumblebee

A howling in the sky

A baby bird about to fly


The darkness in the sky taking over the light

The mysterious growls begin to start

In the darkness of the night

Asleep the flowers wait

‘Till morning they open

The sound of seeking light begins to fade

Owls come out

Until light comes out of the trap of darkness

Ready to warm my heart



The Spirit of a Dragon


The darkness of a dragon

Though eyes gleam with no fright

A hiding sun inside a storm


The rain on a stormy night

Or the brightness of the sun

A gleaming soul

In darkening shadows



Starry Night, Darkening Night


The starry night

Bats in flight

Wings shining against the moon

Owls hunt ‘till light

The crickets sing with the frogs

The sleepy world falls to sleep

Until the lightened sky

While the birds take flight

The sun gleaming off the lake

The owls wait till darkening night

To take flight once again



Dark and Deep


Dark grey water swarms the lake

As storms start to brew up in the darkening sky

Water rushes down the mountain

As a waterfall whirlpools

Swirls as fast as light

The mountain tips

Sharp as a knife

The hunting animals creeping silently

Slowly to catch their prey

Trees closing in around the forest

Dark and deep



Ocean Days


Lightly the waves crash down on the beach of yellow sand

With seagulls roaming the sky of blue

Saying hello to the land


Rocks cover the seaweed

Swirling round and round

Logs floating to the shore

As light as the sand


The starfish an orangey colour

Pebbles the colour of the towering caves

Covering the muddy patches

Trapping everything in its path

The salty air collapses all around




Blazing Storm


Swirling wind

Crashing waves

Clouds giving birth to the rain

Darkening sky

Moon showing bright

A warning is being carried through the waves

As they break on the rocky, dark shore

Palm trees sway, uprooting themselves

Crying a warning

The swirling mist forms as the waves pull back and crash in a massive heap of water

Diving right down into the ground tearing up everything in its path

The sun has vanished in the mist

As the waves break at the shore and more trees uproot themselves in a tangled mess of leaves and bark

Collapsing down to the ground

Falling down, Falling down to the ground

Look up at the darkness closing in around the world

Look up to see the mist close around the trees

The oldest ones beckon the storm over

You can see the mist and the rain, the trees as they rock from side to side

Watch the clouds creeping down secretly and quietly

Water tearing and ripping the light and the trees

Turmoil thrashing over the land

No end in sight until

The trapped light escapes to form morning





Gliding gracefully from the sky to a tree

Running quickly through the plains at top speed

Jumping from tree to tree with speed and gracefulness

Crawling through the bushes ready to pounce

The trees cover the light like a rooftop

River flowing silently while water rushes down the mountain in a series of bubbles

The wind calmly whispers to the trees above

As rain comes pouring down into the shrubs

As silent as night

Comes the tiger to say hello to the rainforest



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