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New Heights School is Now Open

New Heights School opened its doors to its first children in September, 2004. The children are enthusiastic and happy learners who are eager to come to school and participate in the learning process. The total enrolment for the school will remain small with the number of full-time students remaining low.

New Heights School is a small school whose focus is to provide an education that meets the needs of the individual students enrolled. It is not a top-down model of education where students are expected to follow strict teacher directed rules and engage in a lot of paper-and-pencil work that may not produce enthusiastic learners. The school is founded on the belief that children learn best when they are provided with the opportunity to learn without coercion in a positive and non-threatening environment. Children are provided with a balance of teacher-directed instruction and guidance, as well self-directed learning opportunities so that the students may select work that is personally meaningful to their needs and likes. The environment allows for a lot of creative spontaneity and is a happy, busy place to learn in. A large selection of learning materials are available for the children and they are encouraged to explore, manipulate and play, thereby expanding their learning and offering creative learning opportunities in which to grow with.

Children are not placed in a grade based on age and are instead provided with work that meets their needs. A child who is 7 may be working at a grade 2 level in several academic areas, while concurrently working well above their grade level in some areas and need remedial work in other subjects. Children of different ages are working together, working as a community of learners, and sharing their skills and interests. Children are encouraged to take risks with their learning, something that comes naturally from feeling safe and secure in their environment. The role of the teacher is not to control, but to be supportive. There is an understanding that each child is a unique individual with unique needs and experiences, and with varying levels of sensitivity. The teacher keeps an open mind, and strives to help the students reach their potential. When we better understand that the needs of a person could be very different from our own needs we help to eliminate misunderstanding and frustration, and truly allow individuals to be happy with who they are. With this confidence we can ultimately nurture a positive self-concept and produce happy learners who look forward to going to school in the morning.

If you are interested in finding out more about our school please call ahead to make an appointment.  Click here to link to our school visits page for full details.

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