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Lucy:               How was school, Thunder?


Thunder:          Great, Mrs. Loosa didnít yell at me!


Maverick:        I wish I could say the same.


Lucy:               Oh dear, what happened this time?


Maverick:        Well, Mrs. Loosa yelled at me for talking but it was Thunderís fault


Lucy:               What did you do Thunder?


Thunder:          I just bit him and said nothing.  I kind of wished I didnít; but if I had said            

                        Something then I would have gotten in trouble.


Lucy:               Thunder, go to your stall, Maverick you come have dinner.


Maverick:        O.K.


Thunder:          I really wish I didnít do anything.





Penny:             Hi Misty, did you have fun at school?


Misty:              Yes, but do I have to go back tomorrow?


Penny:             Yes, why?


Misty:              Because I didnít learn enough.


Penny:             Oh!  I could send you to summer school.


Misty:              No!!!!  Itís just if I had learned everything then I wouldnít have to go back.


Penny:             Oh, Misty, go to bed.



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