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Guinea Pig Skits 
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Funny Fashion Show

Ms. Cupcake: Welcome to the Guinea Pig Fashion Show! First we have Ms. Purrfect.

Ms. Purrfect comes onto the stage dressed in a beautiful black gown. The audience applauds. She throws a carrot into the crowd.

Ms. Cupcake: Next we have Mrs. Traveller.

Mrs. Traveller comes onto the stage wearing a long red skirt and feathered hat. Then crowd goes wild.

Ms. Cupcake: Finally, we have Ms. Poppy.

Ms. Poppy comes onto the stage wearing a silly costume that looks like a bunch of grapes. The audience breaks into peals of laughter.

Ms. Cupcake: What!? This is a fashion show, not a costume party!

Ms. Poppy: Oops.


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