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Travel Diary 
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Welcome to my Travel Diary!

Here you can read all about my adventures around the world. I've also included maps of some of the places I've visited (including where I live, Guinea Pig City). I hope you have fun learning about my travels.

Mrs. Traveller Goes to Canada

The time that I went to Canada was a very exciting one. I even went up the CN Tower (the world’s tallest freestanding tower)! Here is my account of my travels in Canada.

First, I got off my plane. I was at the Pearson Airport in Toronto. It is a really busy place! I almost lost my luggage (another guinea pig thought it was hers) and my purse (it almost fell into the toilet). Now I know to be more careful in busy airports.

After I left the airport, I took a tour bus around Toronto. First, the bus went past the CN Tower. It’s so tall; I got dizzy just looking at it!

Next, the bus went past the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). It used to be only a regular shaped museum, but a large extension shaped like a crystal was added in 2007. I went there later in my visit to Toronto.

The bus also went past the Hockey Hall of Fame. There you can see hockey memorabilia. I was not able to go there, though. I was too busy sight-seeing at other places.

I left Canada a week after I arrived there. Here are some of the things that I learned while there:

1.    Be careful in busy airports.

2.    The CN Tower is so tall; you can’t see all of it when you look up at it.

3.    I love poutine (especially with lettuce sauce).


I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels to Canada.

My Travels to Peru

I stepped off the plane to face a horrible sight: guinea pigs scattering in every direction, screaming. I looked up to see a large sign with these terrible words in big black letters: “BEWARE OF PEOPLE WITH NETS”. I ran as fast as I could to the safest place I could think of: the snack bar. I ordered their soup of the day. It was carrot with creamed lettuce. That’s my favourite soup.

After I was done eating, I walked to the information desk. “Where is the- ”  I started to say, but the guinea pig at the desk cut me off by saying, “Run for your life! The people are coming to turn us into guinea pig soufflé!” I ran. I bought tickets for the next plane to Guinea Pig City and boarded quickly. When the plane finally landed in Guinea Pig City, I was relieved.

I learned many things from that trip. The most important were:

1.    Some people in Peru eat guinea pigs.

2.    Peru is NOT a good vacationing spot for a guinea pig.

3.    Their carrot with creamed lettuce soup tastes too creamy.

4.    It is definitely a waste of money to go there if you are a guinea pig.

5.    I will later go back to Peru on a rescue mission to save guinea pigs.

6.    I will go to England next time.


My Travels to England

I was jolted awake when my plane landed. I had fallen asleep on my flight to London, England! I looked out the window to see almost nothing- just a bunch of grey clouds, rain, and the traces of a city skyline. I collected my carry-on luggage and left the plane. In the airport, I grabbed a snack and then my luggage. I flagged down a taxi, and then started off towards my hotel.

The next morning, I went on a tour of London, seeing all kinds of different places, including the Big Ben clock, the outside of Buckingham Palace, some museums and a bunch of souvenir shops. My personal favourite was Buckingham Palace- it's so much bigger than Queen Strawberry's Castle!

After the tour, I went back to my hotel, exhausted. I ordered some room service, watched the GNN (Guinea Pig News Network), and then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I went off to do some shopping. After spending way too much money on clothes, I went to a stationery shop and got postcards for my friends Mr. Chili, Ms. Alfalfa, and Mrs. Compute. Once I had mailed them, I was done my shopping.

The next day, I got ready to leave England. Once I had packed up and checked out of the hotel, I boarded my plane home. After my tiring but fun trip, here's what I learned:

  1. Don't spend all your money on souvenirs. Those "free dessert" coupons don't really get you much to eat.

  2. Airports are places where it is easy to loose your spare change. Watch out for pickpockets!

  3. England is way safer for guinea pigs to visit than Peru.





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