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Staff Profiles 
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Staff Profiles

By: Mrs. Tall

Ms. Purrfect

Job: News reporter for Guinea Pig Mania.

Likes:  Summer, lettuce sandwiches, and being right about things.

Dislikes: Criticism, messy guinea pigs, and mud on her suits.

Favourite saying: “Never put off till tomorrow what you could do today.”


Ms. Poppy

Job: Movie Critic for Guinea Pig Mania.

Likes: Popcorn, most fruits, and balloons.

Dislikes: Wall-to-wall carpeting, maple syrup, and high-heeled shoes.

Favourite saying: “Many hands make light work.”


Guinea Pig Mania

Introducing two new staff...

Ms. Ping-Pong

Job: Artist and writer of Fluffy and Fuzz comic strip.

Likes: Paint, playing ping-pong, and the colour pink.

Dislikes: Glue, listening to loud music, and big earrings.

Favourite saying: “ A carrot saved is a carrot earned.”


Mr. Chili

Job: Chef and restaurant critic for Guinea Pig Mania.

Likes: Cooking, eating, and fried eggs.

Dislikes: Sticky floors, writing poems, and, filthy restaurants.

Favourite saying: “ Time flies when you’re having fun.”


Guinea Pig Mania


Mrs. Tall

Job: Staff Profile Writer

Likes:  writing, green tea, and winter sleigh rides.

Dislikes: arguments, running fast, and insects.

Favourite Saying: “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”


Dr. Watermelon

Job: Surgeon

Likes: performing operations, talking with Dr. Lettuce, and summer picnics.

Dislikes: ants, giving needles, and metaphors.

Favourite Saying: “You can never have too much lettuce.”



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