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The Guineapigolus Research Center

Founded in 2001, The Guineapigolus Research Center is dedicated to teaching about this fascinating ancient civilization. Located in front of the entrance to The Mystic Tunnels of Carrot, it provides tours of the ancient city. Inside the Research Center, guinea pigs of all ages can read about the history of Guineapigolus, view artefacts, and listen at speeches made by Ms. Alfalfa, a world-class scientist.

Explore the Ruins of the Ancient City of Guineapigolus!

Have some fun exploring and learning about the ancient city of Guineapigolus. Tour the Mystic Tunnels of Carrot; learn about the ancient Grape Goddess Foodus, and take a walk through the spooky (but fascinating) Guinea Pig Sacrifice Temple. Prices and other information are listed below.

The Mystic Tunnels of Carrot

Take a tour though the legendary Tunnels of Carrot. See amazing gems, preserved vegetables, and interesting rock formations. Tour Guides are an option.


Under 5: FREE

Adults (25-65): $15

Children (5-17): $5

Students (18-24): $7

Seniors (66+): $8

The Worshiping Square of Foodus

Walk through the ancient town square that once served as a Worshiping square for the ancient goddess of Foodus. Learn about how guinea pigs worshiped this Goddess of Grapes.


Under 5: FREE

Adults (25-65): $25

Children (5-17): $12

Students (18-24): $15

Seniors (66+): $17

The Guinea Pig Sacrifice Temple

Learn about how guinea pigs sacrificed crops, objects, and, quite rarely, themselves for the Gods of Food. See statues of these gods, and also the River of Fruit, where the sacrifices went. Prices are the same as in the Tunnels of Carrot (see above).


How to get to Guineapigolus


1.   Drive for 50 km on the Cavy Expressway.

2.   After 50 km, take exit 789 onto Grape Street East.

3.   Drive along Grape Street for 10 km, until you see Lettuce Street School.

4.   Turn right.

5.   Drive along Highway 554 for 65 km.

6.   Take exit 934.

7.   Drive along Carrot Ave. until you get to Water Bowl Drive.

8.   At the end of Water Bowl Drive, turn into The Guineapigolus Research Center parking lot. Parking is $5, unless you have a Science Matters membership card. In that case, parking is free.



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