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Queen Strawberry 
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Welcome to Queen Strawberry’s palace. I will first take you on a tour of the palace. There are so many rooms to see! We must get started viewing them right away.

The Throne Room

This is one of the most important rooms in my entire palace-excluding the kitchen, of course. Here I sit, day after day, giving orders, receiving gifts, and ruling over Guinea Pig City. There is a portrait of my dear mother-Queen Grapes II – in the Throne Room as well.  The most important part of the Throne Room is- you guessed it- my throne. It is made of carved oak and embellished with emeralds. Upon the throne is a lovely cushion made of purple silk.  

The Kitchen

Now, this is the most important room in the whole palace- even more important than the Throne Room. Here, all of my food is prepared, then brought out to the Dining Room to be eaten by me. After that, my servants wash my dishes and start preparing my next meal.



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