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Kathryn's Page 
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Here's me, Kathryn, with my guinea pig Squiggley







Age: 13

Grade: 8

Favourite Animal: guinea pigs (of course)

Favourite Foods: lemons and plain rice (but not together!)

Favourite Sport: swimming

Favourite colours: aquamarine and purple

Favourite Subjects: creative writing, art, French, and science

Favourite Activities: reading, writing, and making origami  

Favourite Music: The Phantom of the Opera     

Pet Peeve: People who donít listen and think they know everything         

What I Want to be When Iím Older: a doctor

Family:  mom, dad, and one younger sister

Pets: 2 guinea pigs: Ginger (Abyssinian) and Squiggley (American); in total we have 4 guinea pigs, but two are my sisterís


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