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Guinea Pig Trivia Questions

1.   How many recognized breeds of guinea pigs are there?

2.   When a guinea pig squeals, what does it mean?

3.   Can guinea pigs eat peanuts?

4.   What is the first thing you should do to a sick guinea pig?

5.   True or False: Abyssinians guinea pigs are longhaired.

6.   How long do guinea pigs live?


Did you know…?

  •  In Peru, guinea pigs are a vital source of protein.

  •  The “skinny” pig is a hairless guinea pig.

  •  Guinea pigs have 4 claws on their front paws, and 3 on their back paws.

  •  Guinea pigs have no tails.

  •  Guinea pigs-ahem-poop a lot.

  •  Orphaned baby guinea pigs can be adopted by mothers with babies of similar age.

  •  Guinea pigs rarely bite or scratch people.

  •  Although they don’t cost a lot to buy, guinea pigs are expensive to keep. 


Guinea Pig Trivia Answers

1.   There are 13 recognized guinea pig breeds.

2.   If a guinea pig squeals, it is responding to pain or injury.

3.   No, peanuts are poisonous to guinea pigs.

4.   You should isolate it. Then call the vet.

5.   False. Abyssinians are shorthaired.

6.   Guinea pigs live for 4 to 8 years.


What Kind of Guinea Pig are you?

What Kind of Guinea Pig are you?

1.    Do you have…?

(a)      Long hair

(b)      Curly hair

(c)       Short hair

2.    Are you…?

(a)      Popular

(b)             Friendly

(c)       Very popular

3.    Do you…?

(a)      Have very long hair

(b)            Not much hair behind your ears

(c)       Love to eat

4.    Does your hair…?

(a)      Curl at the end

(b)      Have at least 6 whorls in it

(c)       Look sort of shiny

5.    Do you like…?

(a)      Carrots

(b)      Strawberries

(c)       Cucumber



If you answered mostly…

(a)’s you are a sheltie

(b)’s you are an Abyssinian

(c)’s you are an American


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