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Penguin Q&A 
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Penguin Questions and Answers

Question Date Response
Dear Little King:

This is selfish and I am still waiting for you to answer my question - WHY GIVE MONEY?!  I NEED FISH!


Still Selfish (Notice my name - it has fish in it - that's right, I NEED FISH!)

Dear Icy Traveller,

I am a penguin from Ontario and not everyone here says "Eh!" a lot. Why did you make that mistake in your article about Ontario?

Yours Truly,


Dear Dr. Ice:

My name is Skipper, and I am from the Central Park Zoo in New York City (I am now living somewhere in Africa since I escaped!).  I love fish, and I love ice, but there is no ice to be found where I live.  Will I still be able to live a long and healthy life??



Dear Little King:

Why are you going to give 1000 dollars to a penguin? How about a horse or a fish?



Dear Mrs. Ice Blue:

This is Fishless again (remember me, I was hopping mad and called your ideas bird-brained).  Well, if rich penguins are your favourite and you ignore us poor penguins you won't get our votes!  Also, I do work for rich penguins and they are mean so I doubt they'd give me more fish since they are very fat and love to eat.  My vote goes to Mr. Blizzard Green - or maybe Mr. Tornado since I am a girl who loves to sing and $2,000 can buy a lot of fish.  What do you say about that?


Still Hopping Mad and Fishless


Dear Still Hopping Mad and Fishless

Thatís too bad you feel that way!  Hey, didnít we go through all this already?  Maybe thatís why your boss is mean, you always ask the same things.

My answer to you is that you need to find a different boss. 

Oh! I need a new cook, and Iíll even let you have the left over fish!!

Thank you

Ms. Ice Blue

Dear Mr. Blizzard Green,

I am a rich penguin, and I am wondering why you would lower the taxes for poor penguins?  Poor penguins don't have a lot of money and they could not buy many things.  I have lots of money and buy lots of things.  If it was lower for me I would buy even more things and then I would vote for you.


Rolling in the money


Dear Rolling in the Money

I have to lower taxes for poor penguins because THEY DONíT HAVE MONEY and YOU DO!!!!  The other reason for that is THAT IíM A POOR PENGUIN TOO!!!!

Yours truly,

Mr. Blizzard Green

Dear Little King Pink,

I am a macaroni penguin who wonders why you would give $1,000 to any King penguin.  Why not to every macaroni or rock hopper?  Also, why do you only give $1,000?  Why not give them $2 million or something?  If you gave them more they might actually vote for you.




Dear Moneyless

I give money to King Penguins because I am a King Penguin and they are my favorites!!!

King Penguins RULE!!!!!


Little King Pink
Dear Mrs. Ice Blue,

I have a feather to pick with you - how come you want to give free fish to penguins who are already rich enough to get it themselves?  They don't need free fish, the poor penguins do!  I've heard of some bird-brained ideas before, but this takes the cake!  (or should I say fish).

Hopping mad,


22-Oct-2008 Dear Hopping mad,

Because rich penguins pay more taxes and rich penguins are my favourite and if you work for a rich penguin you might get some free fish.

Mrs. Ice Blue


Dear Mr. Tornado,

Why give every girl penguin who can sing $2,000, and not give girls who can dance the money?  Haven't you seen Happy Feet?


Dancing Fool

19-Oct-2008 Dear Dancing fool,

Because dancing does not impress me and singing is like opera, and if you don't like that idea I suppose you leave town.

Mr. Tornado

Dear Mr. Tornado
What if a boy can sing, why can't he get $2000.00?

Singing Fool

17-Oct-2008 Dear Singing Fool,

I'm sorry that you are a boy but the rules are only girls, also you can't get the $2000.00 because boys are supposed to be working at the fish shop and not singing.

Yours truly.

Mr. Tornado


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