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Mr. Shake 
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Mr. Shake Meets Squiggley and Ginger . . .

Mr. Shake:          Hello Squiggley and Ginger.

Squiggley:           Got any carrots?  They are one of my many favourite foods.

Mr. Shake:          A matter of fact, I do.

Squiggley:           Can I have one?

Mr. Shake:          Sure.

Squiggley:           Munch, munch, munch

Mr. Shake:          Squiggley, how would you like coming over for lunch someday?

Squiggley:           (mouth full) Ummphh!

Ginger:               Ewww!  That is gross!

Squiggley:           What’s gross?  All I said was, “Sure!”

Ginger:               Some carrot flew out of your mouth and onto my new skirt!

Mr. Shake:          Calm down, girls!

Ginger:               You’re soooo gross, Squiggley!

Squiggley:           Are not!

Ginger:               Are too!

Mr. Shake:          I’ve had enough, I’m leaving.

Ginger:               I don’t care.

Mr. Shake: Hi, Squiggley and Ginger.

Ginger: I’m sorry that I was so rude yesterday.

Squiggley: It was because I got some chewed-up carrot on her new skirt!

Mr. Shake: Ohhhh…

Squiggley: When can we go to lunch?

Ginger: Yeah, I’m starving!

At lunch…

The Waiter: What would you like to eat?

Squiggley: Everything on your menu, please.

The Waiter: Even the hay soup?

Squiggley: Even the hay soup.

Ginger: I would like the carrot stew, please.

The Waiter: Okay.

Mr. Shake: I would like a dried banana shake, please.

The Waiter: Your meals will come in about ten minutes. Except for the one who ordered everything. Her meal will come in about a week.

In ten minutes…

Mr. Shake: Mmm! This banana shake is good!

Ginger: So is the carrot stew!

A week later…

Squiggley is the only one left in the restaurant. She has eaten all of the mints that waiters have given her, so she isn’t starving.

Waiter: Your food will be delayed for another week.



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