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Horse Facts 
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Text Box: 2. Horses eat 11-13 pounds of food every day.
Text Box: 1. Did you know that the oldest horse was 65 and his name was Old Billy?






Text Box: 3. People can tell how old a horse is by looking at their teeth.



Text Box: 4. Only one horse beat Manowar (greatest race horse alive) in a race, his name was Upset!


Text Box: 5. The oldest pony was 55, her name was Teddy E. Bear.




Text Box: 9. In the wild mares decided when and where the herd would go and the Stallion would follow behind.



Text Box: 7. The longest mane was 18 ft. long.

Text Box: 8. In old movies when the horse was going to be shot they actually shot the horse.





Text Box: 10. Horses expend more energy lying down than when they stand up!





Text Box: 12. Horses cannot breathe through their mouths!




Text Box: 11. China has 10,000,000 Horses.


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