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Gold Medal Won 
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Gold Medal Won in Guinea Pig


By: Mr. Ball

On August 18, 2008, history was made. Ms. Von Squeak won the gold medal in the sitting marathon for sitting still for 5 hours straight. She broke the previous record of 4 hours 34 minutes set by Mr. Purr on July 27, 1998.  Ms. Von Squeak broke a record that hadnít been broken for over 10 years!

Here is my interview with Ms. Von Squeak after she won the gold medal:

Me:  So, Ms. Von Squeak, how did you feel after you won the gold medal in the sitting marathon?

Ms. Von Squeak:  I was really surprised, as I didnít think that I could win it. After all, I broke a record that hadnít been broken in over 10 years!

Me:  What did you do to celebrate?

Ms. Von Squeak:  I ate a whole bunch of strawberries. The marathon was hard work, you know. I had to sit still for 5 hours!

Me:  Thank you, Ms. Von Squeak. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Good-bye!

Ms. Von Squeak:  Thank you, Mr. Ball. Oh, look at the time! Got to run. Bye-bye!

Guinea Pig World Record Broken!

Fattest Guinea Pig

Mr. Marco Mailbox

Mr. Mailbox is Guinea Pig Worldís fattest guinea pig, weighing 17 pounds. He has a waist line of 21 inches. Here is my interview with Mr. Mailbox:

Mr. Ball: Why donít you work out?

Mr. Mailbox: Being lifted by a crane is better.

Mr. Ball: Youíre too fat.

Mr. Mailbox: I am a record breaker!

Mr. Ball: Never mindÖ

Mr. Mailbox: Iíll go eat some pizza.

Mr. Ball: Iíll go run a few miles on my treadmill.



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