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The fluffy little guinea pig,

So smooth and fine,

Very delicate and soft,

I was so happy she was mine,

I felt her satiny fur,

I heard her beautiful purr,

As I picked up the silky guinea pig,

I put her in her cage and closed the lid,

Then she hid.


On the twelfth day of Christmas my owner gave to me:

12 pieces of lettuce,

11 juicy strawberries,

10 sliced apples,

9 bunches of grapes,

8 ripe cantaloupes,

7 bags of hay,

6 yummy beans,

5 orange carrots,

4 bowls of pellets,

3 sunflower seeds,

2 delicious celery tops,

And a piece of pear without the peel.


The guinea pig eats

Carrots, lettuce and pellets

Munching on hay

Night Hunter

Silently the hunter creeps towards its prey

Coming closer, closer, closer

Closing in around it

Licking its lips hungrily

Breathing deeply

Creeping forward in the dark

Leaping towards its prey-a cantaloupe

Ginger #2

She is fast


She is smart


I hear her toenails click

I love this agile guinea pig

There once was a guinea pig named Patches

Who always played with matches

One day she made a fire

That blew up a tire

And left her with lots of scratches



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