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Ms Ping-Pong's Fun and Games

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Guinea Pig Jokes

1. Q: Why are guinea pigs called guinea pigs?

    A: Because you wouldn't want them called guinea cows!

2. Q: Why don't guinea pigs mow their lawns?

    A: They eat them instead!

3. Q: What did the hairdresser say when the hairless guinea pig came into her shop?

    A: I can't trim your hair, you're already bald!




Origami Instructions:

1.   Fold a piece of square paper in half diagonally.

2.   Fold the sides to the middle.

3.   Fold the ends up.

4.   Fold the top folds down diagonally.

5.   Fold the first layer up.

6.   Fold the bottom up.

7.   Tuck the remaining flap inside the hat.

8.   Open up the hat.


Your hat is finished!


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