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Eating Contest 
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Guinea Pig Mania


Guinea Pig Wins Eating Contest

By: Ms. Purrfect

On August 15, 2008, Mr. Fluffy won the 2008 Squeaksville Eating Contest. “It was very hard for him,” says Mrs. Fluffy, his wife. “He had to eat seven hundred strawberries.”

Mrs. Fluffy also says she had to use the $4,000 prize to pay for his hospital stay. “I was very sick,” comments Mr. Fluffy after his recovery. “When I first came in, the doctors thought I had a terrible case of Bloat, a disease where the abdomen swells up.”

What I, Ms. Purrfect, sincerely hope is that the next winner of the Squeaksville Eating contest won’t get as sick and have such a big hospital bill.

Read a Page from Ms Purrfect's review of the Guinea Pig Elections

By: Ms. Purrfect

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We are happy to announce the marriage of…

Mr. Squeaky and Mrs. Linda Squeaky!

They were married on Monday, November 17, 2008 at Guinea Pig Church. All of the staff at Guinea Pig Mania attended the wedding. They are happy to say that Linda will be helping out by writing some skits for their newspaper.







The Guinea Pig Eating Contest

The Contestants:

1.       Mr. Fluffy

2.       Lindy “Fat” Cavy

3.       Ms. Poppy

4.       Mrs. Water Dish

5.       Magenta

6.       Green “Big Eater” Hideaway

7.       Flame the Eating Guinea Pig

8.       Mr. Big



Eating Contest Results

Ms. Poppy (the movie critic) has won the 2nd annual Guinea Pig Contest. Here is my interview with Ms. Poppy:

Ms. Purrfect: How did you win the contest?

Ms. Poppy: I had practice because I eat tons of popcorn.

Ms. Purrfect: You know that the prize is seven giant pies, right?

Ms. Poppy: It is? Excuse me, I have some eating to do.

As you can see, my interview with the winner was quite short. I hope that my interview with the next winner is a bit… well…longer.


LIVE, By Ms. Purrfect

AHHH! Mr. Food Bowl is at it again! This sneaky little trickster has just robbed the Carrot Bank of New Guinea Pig, and we have just received reports that...

Oh, wait a second...

Yes? Really? Well, it looks like Mr. Food Bowl has just stolen Mrs. Compute's best computer. Stay tuned because we are.....


Uh-oh... I think Mr. Food Bowl has just broken into the News Office...



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